All pricing is according to quantity.  The price per cupcake decreases with an increase in quantity.


Three ways to get cupcakes:

1. Walk Ins

Our weekly menu on Facebook or is available each day for walk ins. 

The cupcakes are fresh baked each day, so we tend to sell out of certain flavors toward the end of the day.  If the cupcake is missing from our menu wall, that means we sold out of that flavor.

2. Ordering Off Menu

Would you like flavors that are not on the weekly menu?  Each day has room for five special flavors. Requests are first come, first serve at least one week in advance. Contact us to inquire about your date!

3. Pre-Orders

If you would like specific flavors from our weekly menu, but do not want to risk them selling out, feel free to contact us to set some aside! 

You may send a message from our website, send a message on our Facebook page, or call us at 616.990.9300

Make sure you receive confirmation to ensure we received your message.

When to Place a Big Order

Need specific flavors?  Order as soon as possible to be the first to set the day's menu.